Weather Forecast Apps

Weather Forecast Apps - A few apps for the normal user.

If you have a favourite weather app, please send it to us so we can test it and possibly feature it.


Norwegian State weather. Collaborates with the Swedish state whether. Works great in mountainous areas in Sweden as well as obviously Norway.


Back in the day one of my most used apps, nowadays good to compare different forecasts to each other.

Kustväder - Sjöräddningssällskapet

Plain and simple. Nice UX. Ocean safety is the focus. Nice icons and great situational board.

FMI Weather

Finnish state weather. If I remember correctly some nice weather forecasting maps.


Swedish started weather. Please be aware that 99.9% of their weather forecasting is incorrect!

A few choices for the advanced user.

Weather & Radar - Storm alerts

The app itself isn't that great but the weather map and cloud cover has the best resolution, accuracy and detail.

Oz Mobile Radar and Satellite

Don't know why but for some reason this Australian app seems to have really good satellite coverage of Europe. Not the best interface (terrible), doesn't seem to have been updated for quite some time but it still gives accurate infrared imagery over northern Europe.


Windy used to be the sharpest weather forecasting app out there. But unfortunately lately the time interval between updates is increasing exponentially in comparison to how it used to be a couple of years ago. (Sure, there might be a difference in the paid version) Still, great graphics, great app and very useful to verify weather when you can compare to different forecast models and different satellite data.

If you enjoy earth in infrared spectrum... Not so useful for the normal user...


Create access to infrared satellite imagery. It seems to be a recurring issue but the interface is once again terrible, but workable.


All of these acronyms make my head hurt.


If you wanna get nerdy, then this is useful.


Somebody really heard from coding at The SSEC - JPSS App brings near real-time JPSS (Joint Polar Satellite System) imagery and related data from NOAA/NASA and academic researchers to the palm of your hand....