Space Weather Forecast Apps

Space Weather Forecast Apps

In no particular order.
We use more or less all of these apps.   No app has all the features, so we use them to compliment each other.
Please let us know if we have forgotten an app which you use and enjoy.

Glendale App

My favourite tool! Web-based app. Follow and read the instructions carefully. Not for the beginner. Not for tourists! Could definitely be more user friendly, but as I said it's not for tourists!

Aurora Forecast 3D

The Aurora Forecast 3D is a TOOL to track down where the aurora is located in the sky from any location on planet. It renders Earth in 3D with rotation and scaling at your fingertips. [Apple OSX, Windows 32-bit, 64-bit]

Hello Aurora

Are you looking for the Aurora app that has one of the best UX designs I've seen for Northern Lights app? (Beta) primary user area is Iceland but also works globally.

Space Weather Reporter

If you don't like fancy interfaces than this is the app for you. Gives you what you need to know and a little bit more. Perfect for the social scientist.

NASA Space Weather

Great tool when it works. Unfortunately old app. There is a web version of the app which is way more complex with even more content than this app has.

SpaceWeatherLive (Beta)

No bullshit just space weather. Great community and good Twitter feed. Absolutely love their news emails. No the factor: Hi (just the way we like it). Not for tourists.

AuroraWatch UK

Another app with no bullshit. Easy, simple, no fuzz! Good in accurate data.


AuroraReach app is an aurora tracking, forecasting and alerting app that gives local aurora visibility scores for cities around the world. Another app with great UX design, although it is missing a few features which I'm hoping will arrive in the very near future.

My Aurora Forecast

A good old trusty app. Weather data is often incorrect for the Nordic countries and sometimes the Northern Lights forecast is sketchy due to sketch a data from NOAA. But more to the point it actually works. Highly recommended to get the PRO version.

Space Weather App

Don't really like the UX, but I do enjoy the Twitter feed.

A good tool to bookmark in your phone. or