Radio interview with IRF’s Urban Brändström about the Northern Lights

Urban Brändström

Although the chance to see the northern lights is lower than a few years ago due to the solar minimum approaching, several colorful northern lights have appeared in the sky during this fall. Urban Brändström, at IRF in Kiruna, is an expert on the Northern Lights and in an interview with Sveriges Radio P4 Norrbotten, he recently told how the probability of the Northern Lights varies in 11-year cycles.

The increase in Northern Lights is also something that IRF has noticed and, to the extent possible, tourist guides are trained at various facilities in Kiruna. The hope is that they learn more about the physics associated with the Northern Lights and can spread the information to tourists.

Listen to the segment:
Sent on October 22, 2018 – Northern Lights researchers: Lower probability for the Northern Lights


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