Forecasting the Northern Lights was really complicated not so long ago, since the tools that were available were so mostly for scientists trying to figure out the lights. Nowaredays there’s plenty of free web-based tools as well as apps for your phone. This became widely available when the Northern lights tourism industry got really busy.

The great advances in technology have allowed us to predict the Northern Lights very accurately (in most cases), I dare to say in some cases down to the actual minut. Today it’s possible to plan a trip to see the Northern Lights weeks in advance. However it is really important, we cannot stress this enough, the Northern lights are a natural phenomenon, and therefore no one can or should give you a solid guarantee. If by any chance a tour operator gives you a guarantee, it’s only because they want your money! Please try to stay away from these tour companies!

A lot of people get so excited and totally forget to check the actual sky, is it clear outside where you going? In our opinion this is the most important part of hunting for the lights. If you go somewhere in the Mid latitude nordic countries it usually works quite well when it comes to predicting the cloud cover / weather. But if you go further up north in the nordic countries High latitude, it quickly becomes more of a challenge to get accurate weather reports, even from the local weather services in the country.

There’s two reasons for this;
1: Weather can rapidly change “beyond the wall”, mostly because of the higher altitude, closeness to water, and mountainous terrain with ice breathing dragons…
2: Not many of the brand-new weather satellites cover the north as well as we would like to. Usually they cover the north at a very steep angle and therefore get poorer resolution off for example cloud cover. The satellite imagery becomes stretched out and therefore loses resolution and accuracy.

In other words, please do not forget to check the local weather in the location that you are travelling to. Sweden, Norway, Finland.