Aurora Forecast

Aurora Forecast

27-Day (SSA)

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Past 31-Day (SSA/IRF)

3, 7 & 27-day

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Who runs is written and maintained by myself, David Gray. I’ve been working on the project ever since I saw my first aurora back in 2015 and am passionate about programming, photography and aurora hunting. I wanted to create a site that would give novice and experienced aurora hunters the information they needed to see an aurora, but I also wanted to create a unified, easy to use API that would simplify all the data and let people build their own applications with it. All of this is done in my spare time, outside of a full time job.

Help / Donation / SOS started as something to do, to stay sane in the cold and dark winter months in Sweden. But now i need your help to keep this project alive. There are numerous things that I am paying out of my own pocket to keep this up and running and i simply cannot afford it any more.

Just the electricity bill is going to be insane this winter. I might need to turn off the server!!!

I am asking for your help to pay for the following:
★ SSL certificates
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Northern Lights Stockholm
Northern Lights Stockholm